BIM Coordination

MEP Precision Detailers coordinates construction projects, to ensure efficient projects for like-minded general contractors, construction managers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors, as -well as A&E firms. We provide state-of-the-art coordinated “functional” shop drawings and coordination services. Give us your worst job and we will make it your best, guaranteed!

“Resolving issues in preconstruction translates to savings in both cost and time. Whether the project team opts for more off-site prefabrication, or simply saves time with better plans and better-informed crews, the result is a higher quality building and a positive impact on cost and schedule,” stated Marcel Broekmaat, product manager at Vico Software

Constructability Reviews

MEP Precision Detailers partners with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and independent preconstruction firms to aid in their constructability review process. Read More

OK, What We Really Do

Drastically reduce or even eliminate costly mistakes and expensive rework whilst eliminating truckloads of waste.

Utilizing the latest HVAC and Plumbing 3D Drafting & Coordination Software, we can achieve the above statement and more. We can assist you in your design build efforts as well. HVAC Detailing must be done by professionals who comprehend the fabrication, transportation and installation process. Someone who understands how to detail, someone who has had hands-on experience and not someone who can simply use detailing software. Effective MEP coordination requires recalling and integrated knowledge regarding design, construction, operations, and maintenance of each MEP system. We have that experience, and everyone on our staff is a bona fide journeyman in his/her respective field… (Read More)

Virtual ConstructionThe coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing MEP systems is a major challenge for complex buildings and industrial plants. The process involves locating equipment and routing connecting elements for each building system. This multidiscipline effort is time-consuming and expensive, and requires knowledge regarding each system over the project lifecycle. Current practice requires representatives from each MEP trade to work together to identify and resolve interferences. Effective MEP coordination requires recalling and integrating knowledge regarding design, construction, operations, and maintenance of each MEP system. Currently, designers and constructors use tailored CAD systems to design and fabricate MEP systems.

Benefits Of Coordinated Shop Drawings

“In the face of an economic recession, BIM users expect to significantly ramp up their investment in BIM in 2010. Experienced users are realizing greater productivity, improved communications and a competitive edge when building work. As development opportunities tighten, these users continue to differentiate themselves from those who have yet to adopt the technology, bringing value to clients while improving their bottom line.”
McGraw-Hill Construction research 2008

“We have seen cases where the costs have been reduced by 50 per cent by using BIM. Having constructability issues sorted out before starting construction will inevitably lead to less errors”.
Charles Eastman professor Georgia Tech college of Architecture

MEP Detailers is your partner in improved project outcomes such as fewer RFIs and field coordination problems. You will experience better communication because of 3D visualization, lower exposure to liability, improved quality control, and lower labor costs. These are just a few of the cost-saving line items you can expect.

Utilizing BIM as a design and construction tool, we can increase customer value by eliminating waste, reducing changes during the construction phase, and creating more useful building documents upon turnover. By utilizing BIM, we at MEP Detailers have demonstrated our ability to be a leader on a project delivery team.

Our goal is to enable our clients to realize a higher return-on-investment and gain a competitive advantage.