BIM Helps Find Feasibility of Construction

5063182The BIM (building information modeling) process can be used for a number of different tasks: scheduling, estimating, design, and even project collaboration. But one of the most valuable uses of BIM may occur before a project even begins—to predict the success and feasibility of a project.

The General Services Admin. (GSA),, Washington, D.C., implemented its National 3D-4D BIM program in 2003. The Public Buildings Services has more than 70 capital projects using BIM technologies in support of GSA business needs, and the GSA continues to use BIM, even in the earliest phases of a project.

Recently, Beck Technology,, Dallas, Texas, announced it has been awarded a task order for a building information modeling contract with the GSA. This means Beck will help conduct a feasibility study for the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD),, Washington, D.C.

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