6 Lean Construction Myths BUSTED

Myth #1:  Waste Reduction = Lean Construction

Waste is expensive. According to the Construction Industry Institute, on average, waste accounts for 57% of a construction crew’s time—and that’s not even including materials, rework, and so on.

But if you think lean is the same thing as waste reduction, you’re missing out. All competent builders strive to eliminate waste. That doesn’t make them lean.

Rather, lean is formal system that provides for two key things:

  • Flow
  • Continuous improvement


Flow: The ability of a team to operate in an uninterrupted fashion, moving from one task to another in a single, continuous manner, seamlessly handing off tasks from one stage to the next without disruption.

Continuous Improvement: Ongoing effort to improve products, services, and processes over time, carrying lessons learned from each iteration into the next.

Waste reduction is a byproduct of lean, not the whole of it.

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