ArchiCAD Insights: The New Heroes in the Building Industry

8309317Today’s newest construction industry heroes are a group of individuals that may total less than a few hundred now, but their numbers will grow dramatically. We call this new breed of building professional the construction modeler. The construction modeler fulfils an entirely new role in the construction process — creating 3D building models that are accurate for construction purposes. So why is this important? Money! According to our estimates, this new profession promises to remove 2-3% from the cost of every building project and generate further savings by reducing project schedules. How? The efficiencies will be gained through constructability analysis, faster and more accurate estimates, sequence and procurement optimization and improved data flow to fabrication.

A New Profession
Construction modelers must consider every intended use of the model when planning the creation of each building element. Planning constructability analysis requires insight into how an element is assembled, including the space requirement of the equipment needed for its assembly. Estimating requires knowledge of the properties of each building element on which the estimating formula relies. Sequencing depends on an understanding of the possible sequences involved in constructing each element. Fabrication requires knowledge of shop drawings and the CNC machinery involved in the fabrication of each element. Modeling for fabrication also requires an understanding of acceptable tolerances for each element to reduce fabrication costs and improve the ease of assembly. Ultimately, construction modelers must also have an extensive knowledge of the technology used in ArchiCAD’s Virtual Construction. Read More

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