Building Better with BIM

It’s been a long road for Building Information Modeling (BIM) to reach its current state. But, if supporters, surveys, and reports are accurate, BIM is now moving to widespread adoption, even as it continues to evolve. Interestingly, it turns out that contractors are adopting BIM faster than architects!

On one project, the Collaborative Life Sciences Building in Portland, Oregon, a joint project of Oregon State University and Portland State University, BIM is credited with saving $10 million on a $295 million budget. The project had complex geometric designs and using 3D models helped to communicate the way things fit together for the subcontractors. But, it was the three-dimensional, all-digital documentation process used by the 28 different design teams that received credit for the savings.

BIM Internationally

Across the globe, BIM gets a lot of press and attention. A Dodge Data & Analytics survey found dramatic growth in BIM used by architects and contractors in China. 89% percent of architects and 108% of contractors said that over the next two years they will use BIM on at least 30% of their projects. For Chinese firms, and others globally, BIM is a way to show industry leadership. BIM is also helping Chinese firms speed up client approval cycles as well as reducing errors in documents, improving collaboration, and reducing re-work.  Read More

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