CAD Services

Our high-quality CAD services helps you to reduce the costs, to reach an enhanced performance, to have a better-managed e-business infrastructure, to be more competitive and to enjoy more reliability and security. Our team of qualified experts can be trained on the drafting standards of your company in order to enable you the best CAD outsourcing projects. Our CAD services are stressed on accuracy of the final output.

We appreciate each client we have, the size of your CAD order does not matter. Every CAD order is very important for us.

With MEP Pecision Detailers you do not need to invest in office space, technical equipment, professional software, your company increase profits and reduce costs! MEP Precision is ready to assist you with CAD services. Call us to get started any of your CAD project today!

What we need to provide an estimate:

The most efficient way to start this process is to give us a call so we may better understand your concept of the project to date as-well as your expectations, lead time requirements and any special conditions you may have discovered during your bid process. We will basically need the same items you use to bid the project.

  • Contract Drawings
  • Specifications (Division 1 & Division 15);
  • Project Schedule
  • Our Scope of Work (e.g. Shop Drawings Only, what disciplines we will be drawing, Piping Spools, Sleeve Layouts, Duct Downloads, Duct Pick Off Sheets, Coordination Participation, etc)

Note: Ultimately we would like to have a full set of contract drawings and AutoCAD files. However; we fully understand that this is not always possible. At the very least, we will need the drawings that fall under your scope of work in one of three formats Paper, PDFs or CAD Files.

What we need to start a project:

  • A full set of the latest contract drawings (Including but not limited to; Architectural, Structural and your scope of work)
  • Specifications (Division 1 & Division 15)
  • A full set of electronic AutoCAD files (This may require the signing of a AIA release form as-well as additional cost)
  • Approved submittal s (not required to start production);
  • Project Schedule
  • A signed and dated ESTIMATE/PROPOSAL along with any deposits required for your project

Coordination Drawing

Note: You will also receive a detailed check list (in excel/PDF format) so you can provide your special needs. This check list includes but is not limited to the following, Company shop standards, Pipe manufacture, Equipment pad requirements, sleeve requirements, etc.

We will coordinate obtaining the CAD files from the engineer and/or architect. As we move through the project, we will keep you informed of any problems and help to resolve those problems to the satisfaction of the reviewing engineer. All work is performed to industry standards e.g. SMACNA, ASTM ANSI, NFPA, NSPC.ASME, NEC and of course your company standards. Upon completing your project, we will immediately notify you where you will have several options for distribution.

  1. Your drawings and files are always available to you via our FTP Site ( MS Sharepoint Server Site Coming Soon) throughout the life cycle of development. You will be given a password, user name and access instructions and you can download and share your files with whomever you need to.
  2. We can send files via email, or direct download to your local reprographics firm for them to plot. You coordinate how many copies and what media is desired directly with them allowing you to control cost. We support all file types used by most reprographics firm