Hydronic Piping Systems Proven Designs (Part 1)


Do you have to “reinvent the wheel” with each new system you design? Learn the proven approaches, why they work and how to successfully apply them from John Siegenthaler, P.E., a favorite speaker to the webinar series. John will examine the basic approaches and discuss how they should be selected based on factors such as the heat source, zoning, thermal mass of the heat emitters and type of piping used. You’ll learn: – What are the “proven” approaches that will yield consistent performance? – What’s the correct way to pipe a hydronic distribution system? A seasoned hydronics leader and visionary, John shares his over 30 years’ experience in designing modern hydronic heating systems with our audience. He is the author of Modern Hydronic Heating and contributes to numerous publications including Plumbing and Mechanical, PM Engineer and HPAC magazines.


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