Jobsite Community is on it’s way: Here’s why you should be excited!


A couple of weeks ago we told you about the launch of a next level construction professional online resource, Community. We’re back to discuss the value of a construction-only community and we grabbed Jobsite’s  Community Manager, Jenn Chen, and asked her for her thoughts about how the community will impact you, the professional.

“The beauty of Community is that it’s for everyone. It’s where you’re able to have industry-based conversations, not just product-specific, which allows for a wider audience and deeper conversations” says Chen.

Ask Questions and Share Best Practices

Fifty years ago if you were just starting out in the construction industry and you had a question, who or where did you turn? Maybe the lead PM at your firm?  Or another experienced coworker? Maybe you were too nervous or intimidated to ask anyone at all. Today, asking a question about construction financials or a leading practice in the industry is as simple as typing something up and pressing enter.

“Construction needs to have its own community.”

“Construction needs to have its own community. There’s so much value in being able to share knowledge, connect, and actually talk to one another about common issues, or shared challenges. If you think about it, no matter how successful an event is, once it’s over you aren’t able to return and replay that event. Those conversations that took place are over and that’s where we truly saw the necessity for a place like Community” says Chen.

Not only can you ask any question you like, but you can answer any question you like.

You can share as little or as much industry experience as you want. With the Jobsite Community, you can be recognized as a thought leader and industry expert. And if you’re just starting out, you can gain the advantage of learning from professionals in the industry who have “been there, done that.”

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