Learn Construction Scheduling Over the Holidays With This FREE Book Plus $100 Holiday Savings

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Scheduling Training Course In Your Office with
Dr. Saleh Mubarak, Ph.D.

Your Opportunity to Learn From One of the World’s
Leading Professors Specializing in Planning, Scheduling,
Project Control and Cost Estimating

Use of critical path method (CPM) scheduling is one of the few tools that actually
help contractors and subcontractors and construction managers improve efficiency and processes, plan better logistics and help foresee and document possible delays. CPM schedules are the Excel modeling tool of construction activities — they can help you find better ways to build your project, improve crew workflow and minimize costly equipment rentals. Most large contracts require schedule submissions. And for many projects, competence in scheduling can help you up the pre-qualification ladder. This 8-hour training DVD will teach your construction staff how to prepare and use a CPM schedule for more cost-effective and timely project completion.

Training Series Overview:

  • Understand planning — the concept of, scheduling and the
    importance of scheduling projects
  • Learn how to create and read bar (Gantt) charts and node networks
  • Discover the concept of the Critical Path Method (CPM) in scheduling
    projects and comprehend CPM calculations and definitions
  • Learn the steps involved in creating a CPM schedule for any project
  • Understand Precedence Networks (with 4 types of relationships)
  • Strategize ways to update projects to reflect actual performance as
    part of the project control effort
  • Get tips for better and more efficient scheduling and reporting
  • Understand why and how to meet schedule submission
    requirements on federal and public agency contracts; and
    a must for delay claim recovery
  • A/Es and Owners – Learn how to use schedules as a contract
    administration tool
  • Be introduced to advanced scheduling subjects:
    — The concept of resource loading and resource leveling
    — The concept of schedule compression and the techniques
    involved to crash projects
    — Earned Value Analysis
  • And more!

Don’t miss out on this fascinating 8-hour training series, order today!  Probably the most important training investment you can make in your staff and your company’s future.

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