Manual Cable Operated Damper System


Cable Damper Systems are designed to be used when a motorized system is not practical. The flexible cable and wire can be routed around electrical conduit, piping and other obstructions, without fear of binding or catching. ALAN Rotary-to-linear (rack & pinion) mechanical actuator assembly securely holds the damper in position for the precise dependable settings. Cables can be connected together if a greater length is required.

Cable Damper System Includes:

A push/pull sleeved cable and assembled ALAN Actuator that provides rotary actuation with a simple turning motion

42 inches of sleeved cable with end units for easy attachment to the adjustment lever of the damper blade / longer cables are available

A cable mounting support to mount the cable to the casing of the damper

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Substantially reduces installation costs
  • Works with round, oval or rectangular dampers
  • Can be attached to any manufacturers’ dampers
  • ALAN can build the damper tube or attach it to your fitting
  • Route the cable from the damper upstream to a more accessible location to adjust the air volume to a satisfactory level
  • Available with or without a gasketed damper which allows a better seal
  • Adjust airflow volume from the rotary actuator without needing to access the ceiling/damper
  • Damper sizes from 4″ through 24″
  • Available with cable mounted inside or outside the air stream

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