McGraw Hill Construction, Smart Market Report: The Business Value of BIM to Owners

Owners are the greatest beneficiaries of BIM. In fact, the top BIM benefits consistently identified by design and construction firms in McGraw Hill Construction’s past BIM research actually generate even greater positives for their owners.

Research with BIM owners in the US and the UK yields several key trends:

  • Nearly half (38% in UK and 40% in US) of current BIM owners plan to use BIM on more than
  • three quarters of their work within two years.
  •  BIM visualization to enable better understanding of design
  • Fewer problems during construction from deficient documents or coordination
  • More well-reasoned design due to BIM analysis and simulation
  • Beneficial impact on the project schedule
  • The impending implementation of the UK BIM mandate is driving a much higher general level of owner BIM involvement there than in the US, including a growing focus on the use of BIM for facility management.

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