HVAC and Plumbing Lead Coordination Services

MEP Precision Detailers services General Contractors, Subcontractors and A/E firms. Owners are including BIM as a project condition of the contract on more and more projects. We can help larger firms with Overflow or smaller firms implement the BIM Process without the need for capital expenditure.
We provide important insight into the constructability of your project by simulating building construction just as it would take place in the field. We can supply neutral validation that the project can be constructed per the design team’s intent as-well as reduce risk and cost. With virtual construction we can show you your future.

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same
thing over and over again and expecting
different results”.
— Albert Einstein

The 3D Above Ceiling Coordination Process



Online or On Site ( Lead Coordination Services)

Lead Coordination: the main responsibilities entail managing the workflows of the subs and fabricators to ensure an efficient project team. This requires support of a merged project model for clash detection. We take responsibility for seeing that updates of all relevant project models are made as changes occur or out-of-tolerance conditions emerge. This position is also responsible for turning over the as-built model information to the client and possibly for commissioning and operating practice handover.

We are capable of executing all functions necessary in the coordination process, from working with other subcontractors to managing the entire coordination process. We specialize in organizing the coordination drawings with various trades to avoid interference with structural, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, partitions etc. All coordination drawings are checked for collisions with collision checking software.  We provide online or onsite lead coordination services.

  • Above Ceiling Coordination
  • Underground Coordination
  • MEP Composite Drawings
  • Complete Architectural and MEP BIM Services
  • As-Built/Record Drawings
  • Design/Assist Partnership

HVAC Detailing and Coordination must be done by professionals who comprehend the fabrication, transportation and installation process. Someone who understands how to detail and someone who has had hands on experience not someone who simply can use detailing software.Effective MEP coordination requires recalling and integrated knowledge regarding design, construction, operations, and maintenance of each MEP system.

We also understand the complexity and importance behind Quality Project Management which is why we have invested in the latest BIM drafting software by AutoDesk and PractiCAD. Ok, BIM or Building Information Modeling what is it, and how can it benefit you the Mechanical Contractor? In a nut shell BIM software can aid you several different ways.

  • 3D modeling for accurate above ceiling coordination
  • 4D Time sequencing for scheduling
  • 5D Data extraction for job costing and project management

Reduce project costs by 50-60%  and Improve the delivery schedule by 40-50%

BIM is often defined as 3D modeling and clash detection however; it is more than that. The operative word in BIM is information, otherwise you have nothing more than a 3D model. BIM offers you a 4th and 5th dimension. Real BIM software has intelligent pieces and parts i.e. a fire damper is aware it is a fire damper, a diffuser is aware that it is a diffuser, a ball valves is aware that it is a ball valve etc. with these types of parts we can extract and manipulate data in many different ways to suit your needs. We have over 100 plus years combined experience in the Sheet Metal Duct, Plumbing and HVAC Piping industry. Proving quality HVAC and Plumbing coordination services is seconded nature to us.

Building information modeling (BIM) saves construction costs, saves time and improves accuracy. There has never been a better opportunity for architects, owners, and contractors to work together to reinvent and streamline the building design and delivery process.