Construction Economics: Global Trends

Construction Industry Overall Dodge Data and Analytics reported total construction starts were down 3% in January 2017, when compared to January 2016. The company’s Momentum Index was up for five consecutive months as of February’s reading, but most of the gain was in the institutional sector. Commercial planning dropped, but by less than a percent. Most construction forecasts still call for industry growth in 2017, but forward momentum isn’t all clear sailing. Mortenson, a construction and development services company, reported that construction costs were trending upward in 2017. It predicted nonresidential construction costs across six markets would rise between 3% and 4.5%. And, the creditworthiness of firms has shown some erosion as the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association reported increased delinquencies […]

Bluebeam Revu Tips (What are Some Helpful Shortcuts in Revu?)

  Revu has a number of keyboard commands that let you work more efficiently. Some shortcuts are single letters, some are combinations of the Alt, Ctrl or Shift keys with a letter and others are mouse buttons in combination with the Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys. It can take a bit to memorize the shortcuts, but it will be worth the time. The keyboard shortcuts are displayed on the right side of the menus, next to each command, and on the tool tip – the small popup that displays when the cursor hovers over a button in the toolbar. A full list of the Keyboard shortcuts is available online or by clicking Help > Help > Keyboard Shortcuts in Revu. The shortcuts in these […]

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MEP Precision Detailers Pre-Construction Industry Leader Specializing In Building Information Modeling GENERAL INFORMATION MEP Precision Detailers is a recognized MEPF above ceiling and underground coordination service provider. Over the years we have developed proficient processes to assist our clients with their project goals. Our goal is to provide coordination services to our clients using the latest and greatest technology and software available. Our systems are continually updated with the latest hardware and applications. We are also committed to providing on time services while ‘maintaining quality.’ View Full Version

Shop Drawings Part 1 — Learning To Live With This “Necessary Evil”

Are Shop Drawings Really Needed? The drawings and specifications prepared by architects and engineers show the general design concept of the project and each of the major components and their relationships to each other. Some of the subcontractors and suppliers must prepare additional drawings, diagrams, schedules, and other data to illustrate the specific way in which their particular company or shop will undertake to furnish, fabricate, assemble, or install their products. Shop drawings are needed by the fabrication shops for their own use in instructing their own personnel how to carry out the requirements of the contract documents. Fabricators will produce the shop drawings even if they are not asked to submit them for architect’s approval. In many cases, the […]

Cool Measuring Tools for Electricians

  It’s hardly a surprise that a good tape measure is both useful and necessary when doing electrical work – especially when measuring heights for power points, switches and on walls and ceilings where electrical equipment and fixtures will be mounted. There are no limits to the ways a tape measure can be used by an electrical contractor. Because so many clients demand and appreciate the precise placement of fixtures and outlets, they’re a must-have tool. While no electrician’s tool belt is complete without a basic measuring tape, technological advances have produced some superior tools. Here’s a look at several of the latest options in measuring tools. Read More

Five Steps for Preventing Construction Site Theft

From building materials to tools to heavy equipment, construction site theft is an industry-wide epidemic. In addition to the direct costs of replacing the stolen goods, there is also the indirect cost due to increased insurance premiums, rental costs to replace stolen equipment and lost productivity. Delays in production can also result in hefty fines if deadlines are not met. While no concrete numbers are available, most industry experts estimate that losses due to construction site theft reach $1 billion or more annually. The key is to prevention is making it as hard as possible for would-be thieves to quickly make off with your tools, equipment and materials. Following these five tips will go a long way in helping you […]

Why BIM?

The users list many benefits of BIM. Companies that utilize BIM, like Skanska and Barton Malow, have reported benefits for scheduling, estimation and risk analysis, more collaborative processes and better facility management. BIM also brings the opportunity to try out solutions in advance before building the structure on site: with a constructable model, the structure can be prototyped virtually. Project parties can understand and review the design more easily, which helps guarantee its accuracy and completeness, and visualize and evaluate alternatives in terms of cost and other project parameters. BIM has gathered compliments for improved communication between project parties and generally better quality.   Read More

Manual Cable Operated Damper System

Cable Damper Systems are designed to be used when a motorized system is not practical. The flexible cable and wire can be routed around electrical conduit, piping and other obstructions, without fear of binding or catching. ALAN Rotary-to-linear (rack & pinion) mechanical actuator assembly securely holds the damper in position for the precise dependable settings. Cables can be connected together if a greater length is required. Cable Damper System Includes: A push/pull sleeved cable and assembled ALAN Actuator that provides rotary actuation with a simple turning motion 42 inches of sleeved cable with end units for easy attachment to the adjustment lever of the damper blade / longer cables are available A cable mounting support to mount the cable to […]

13 Costly Bidding Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Putting together a winning bid proposal is a lot more complicated than putting some numbers together and hoping for the best. Good bid preparation requires a lot of time and effort that involves everything from reading and fully understanding the plans and specifications to accurately estimating costs for labor, materials and equipment. Making even the smallest mistake can mean the difference between having a winning bid proposal and missing out on a coveted project. Bidding the Wrong Projects You don’t have to bid on every job you come across. Winning jobs your company can’t adequately perform can be just as costly as not winning them. Remember, it is never too late to abandon a bid you are working on. For […]