New Project – Fairfield Medical Center

Fairfield Medical Center is investing $37.8 million into facility expansion as part of Project BRIGHT. Construction will be completed in 2015. BRIGHT stands for Build, Revitalize and Innovate for Greater Healthcare Tomorrow:

F M C 1






Build: FMC will be building a multi-story structure, which will feature a new surgery department, 30 private patient rooms and a variety of clinical support spaces. Revitalize: FMC will be able to revitalize patient care with private rooms to improve the patient care environment. Families will be better accommodated as well. Innovate: The new FMC Surgery Department will feature 10 spacious operating rooms that will allow for advanced surgical technology, including robotic equipment. Greater Healthcare Tomorrow: The new facility will mean better healthcare delivery for the residents we serve in Fairfield County and Southeastern Ohio.

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We have been issued a P.O. for all trades but electric and we hope to get that  as well.


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