Sheet Metal Shop Drawings

Standard Shop Drawing Services:


All sheet metal shop drawings are drawn to your shop standards and can also be downloaded, to most, burn tables and coil lines. Drawings will also be fully documented with proper tags, annotation and dimensions for hand take offs as-well.

Section views of all vertical risers and equipment connections are also included. We also provide quantity take offs of duct by systems and bought items. The reports come as a plotted page with your drawings and in excel format.

All duct will be drawn and routed in the most efficient way possible and we always try to keep a balance of both 1st and 2nd cost efficiencies in mind and, round conversions are included per you request.

All systems will be checked in NavisWorks and a model will be provided. We include time for a reasonable amount of revisions do to coordination review issues with other trades (Coordination review of other above ceiling trades by others). We do provide lead coordination services.



  • Site visits
  • Lead coordination services
  • Field measurements
  • Floor plans (we assume electronic drawings will be provided)
  • Floor plan revision
  • As-built/Record Drawings

All of the above services are available at additional cost.

NOTE: We assume that the design professionals have provided adequate space for above ceiling trades. Excessive rerouting and re-design due to inadequate space are not part of standard services. As a rule-of-thumb, once we develop the structural model we can usually verify excessive issues and give notice as to the severity of the problem.

Please download a copy of our default sheet metal shop drawing standards.

Sample Shop Drawings