HVAC Coordinated Shop Drawings

Critical are the installation and coordinated shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical. Shop drawings are not produced by architects and engineers under their contract with the owner. The shop drawing is the contractor’s drawn version of information shown in the construction documents. The shop drawing shows more detail than the construction documents. It is drawn to explain the fabrication and/or installation of the items to the manufacturer’s production crew or contractor’s installation crews. The style of the shop drawing is usually very different from that of the engineers drawing.


We Provide

The CAD process at MEP Detailers is an accurate and precise 3D modeling Virtual Construction System that reduces RFI’s, project delays, and conflicting areas at the preconstruction phase. We confirm the designed mechanical systems actually fit in the architectural and structural limits of the building.

All shop drawings are drawn to your shop standards and can also be downloaded to most burn tables and coil lines. Drawings will also be fully documented with proper tags, annotation and dimensions for hand take offs as-well. Section views of all vertical risers and equipment connections are also included. As our commitment to “TRUE BIM” drafting we also provide extensive list of bought items (e.g. fire dampers, air devices, purchased volume dampers, valves etc.) to help your project managers, field staff and vendors better manage the project. All piping and plumbing drawings will also come with  the above standards as well as spool drawings as needed.


shop-draw-1MEP Detailers has invested in the best coordination and 3-D modeling software available (PractiCAD). This allows our detailers to build a “virtual project” months before crews arrive on the job. Utilizing this type of advanced 3-D modeling and crash detection software allows us to perform a major segment of work in a virtual setting which increases both quality and production. Our coordination department at MEP Detailers works with the design team and contractor to identify and resolve installation issues and design conflicts during the preconstruction phase. We have the software and know-how to combine structural, architectural and MEP (above ceiling) elements into NavisWorks Clash Detection System, that provides a usable model for coordination and installation.


MEP Detailers understands the importance of a team atmosphere in a project’s success. We draw in 3D and coordinate in 3D to avoid collisions and provide valuable information that allows us to work out issues well before construction ever starts. We can greatly decrease errors and inform stake holders about conflict or clashing that would normally cause serious delays and added cost.

  • Collision Detection (NavisWorks)
  • Scheduling
  • Material and Labor Reports