BIM Coordination

BIM, Data, and Cyber-Security

From BIM to BASM BIM (Building information modeling) is gradually becoming more and more common in several of the developed construction markets around the world. For many businesses, BIM use remains quite basic, expediting the production of design deliverables that are still shared as 2D deliverables: drawings, window or door schedules, for example. But as they begin to share and to combine or ‘federate’ data-rich 3D, 4D (time), and 5D (cost) models, project teams will need to heighten their cyber-security regimes. What security measures will we need in the future? We can guess. A shared 3D model may expose intellectual property to competitors. A fly-through visualization of a new building could share sensitive information about the building’s design–key structural components, […]

Constructability Reviews/Virtual Construction Services


MEP Precision Detailers partners with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and independent pre-construction firms to aid in their constructability review process.  Our  goal is to provide the MEP portion of the Constructability Review. Our group members have over a 100 years experience in building, biding, and project managing MEP systems.  MEP Precision Detailers has the experience to perform constructability reviews that will drastically decrease the occurrence and amount of change orders on your project.  We provide, but are not limited to, the following services: Confirm the intent of plans and specifications will allow bidders to prepare accurate bids Access limitations of equipment Compatibility of materials Coordination of trades Project scheduling and sequencing Project cost estimating Value engineering LOD 300 or above […]