Trimble MEP: Accuracy and Productivity

927132With the Trimble MEP layout solution, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors can increase productivity and simplify the lay out of sleeves and hangers. One person can accurately lay out hundreds of points in a single day… even when the design is complex.

Trimble MEP utilizes the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations, a Trimble Nomad, and Trimble MEP layout software to provide precise location of pipe; duct and cable tray hangers; pipe and electrical conduit sleeves for floor and wall penetrations.

With specific language and workflows inherent to trade applications, Trimble MEP maximizes the existing skill sets of field personnel. It also offers additional benefits, including:

Cost savings through accurate, one person layout
Trimble MEP enables one person to handle layout faster and more accurately than two people using traditional methods. This efficiency results in both a reduction in labor costs and elimination of mistakes that can result in costly re-work.

Better control with digital information in the field
Trimble MEP enables mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors to take 3D positional data to the field digitally, increasing productivity and accuracy by improving layout processes.

Timely reporting and updating
As-built point data is collected as points are laid out in the field and can be imported back into office CAD/MEP software applications for progress reports or to communicate design updates and as-builts.

Reduced delays through better communication between field and office
Trimble MEP also introduces the Trimble Connected Site™ to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades. Wireless capability in the controller enables transfer of design data and daily progress updates between the office and field, reducing delay associated with traveling to and from the job.

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The Total Station Solution

With today’s complex construction schedules and detailed architectural features, accurate layout on the jobsite is more critical than ever. With these complex designs comes less mechanical space, and utilities are sometimes being coordinated with ½” clearances. With the use of Get The Point (GTP) Total Station solution, your field personnel will have the best possible chance to keep up with tight schedules. Layout of your 3D coordinated drawings and BIM information on the jobsite becomes more accurate, saving both time and money.

The GTP Total Station solution allows Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractors to lay out Sleeves, Hangers, Equipment, Housekeeping Pads, Walls or any other object you would like to assign a point to in your existing CAD system.  Layout now becomes a one person operation with the ability to shoot hundreds of points a day in the dirt, on the deck or on the floor.

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