What Are Coordination Drawings

Smaller and smaller projects are requiring coordinated shop drawings. Truth is, they always have, it’s the GCs just asking for what’s been in the specs for years. We get calls here at MEP Precision Detailers on a daily basis asking “how fast we can get shop drawings” for a lot of small projects. Most of the sub contractors all say the same thing “I don’t know why they are asking for shop drawings, they never have in the past” and there next question is “how much are they going to cost?” Cost is a bit complicated, we need to look at the project, the spec as well as the GCs requirements. On smaller jobs the GC may not have specific requirements and it all boils down to whether you want functional shop drawings or drawings to appease the spec.

We also run into subs that don’t know what coordination drawings are. So, what are they?  I found this explanation at  electrical know how.com

Coordination drawings definition:

“Coordination (sometimes called Composite) is critical to the success of any commercial or institutional building project today. Coordination in construction once referred to simply avoiding physical conflicts in the layout of equipment in spaces and the routing of duct, piping, and raceway systems through buildings. The risk of interference problems is highest on building projects that have intense mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) requirements. Production risks are compounded, as schedules become more intense. Eliminating coordination problems can be characterized as a prerequisite to the start of construction work on intense projects with dense MEP system requirements.”

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 Here are some common terms you may hear

  • Coordinated Shop Drawings
  • Coordination Drawing
  • Composite Drawings
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Detailing
  • Sheet Metal Shop Drawings
  • Above Ceiling Coordination
  • BIM coordination
  • 2D Coordination
  • 3D Coordination
  • 3D MEP Drafting

If you need pricing or if you need to know what the process is for getting you a set of drawings give a call @ (772) 242-8298 ask for Rob Williams and I will walk you through the process.


We offer three kinds of shop drawings: GOOD – CHEAP – FAST

You can pick any two:

GOOD shop drawings CHEAP won’t be FAST
GOOD shop drawings FAST won’t be CHEAP
FAST shop drawings CHEAP won’t be GOOD


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