WPL\’s 3 Most Popular Construction Contract Management Topics of 2010!

4076017Shop Drawings and Other Construction Submittals.
There is perhaps no aspect of construction which is more misunderstood, and which is more fraught with the potential for confusion, than the shop drawing submittal process. When the process breaks down, the result can be deficient work, economic loss and even disastrous collapse. This recorded event will help all parties to construction projects — owners, designers, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers understand their responsibilities and risks in the shop drawing submittal process, and how to handle problems when they arise.

In addition, this 90-minute webinar will cover Change Order Requests and Requests For Information — two other types of construction submittals which frequently lead to disputes and are fraught with risk. The presenters are a leading construction attorney and an architect who specializes in the design of complex public and institutional buildings. This webinar is a must for anyone involved in construction projects. Click here for info and speaker bios.

From Paper to Paperless: Controlling Construction Documentation, Improving Record Management and Identifying Risk in an Electronic Age
What you MUST document and what you SHOULD NOT document to help you win in court.  If your project goes bad and you end up in court . . . effective project management procedures can help you minimize your exposure. Learn best practices for documentation and record management with expert Matt DeVries in this 90-minute recorded webinar. This interactive program will provide you with guidance to help you develop effective procedures for documenting your projects, including the transformation to the paperless project. You’ll get answers to your pressing questions about electronic evidence on a construction project, including the legal issues surrounding social media.
Click here for info and speaker bio.

Implied Obligations in Design and Construction Contracts

When parties enter into design or construction contracts, there may be numerous implied obligations that arise under law or in equity.  These implied obligations should be carefully considered by owners, designers and contractors. Implied obligations apply to most design and construction contracts unless a specific contractual provision is provided in the contract that supersedes the implied obligation.
This 90-minute program on CD will provide you with important information about the implied obligations in design and construction contracts including: Implied Warranty of Plans and Specifications, Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Duty to Share Material Information, Duty to Provide Access/Duty to Coordinate/Duty to Not Interfere and AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! Click here for info and speaker bios.

Increase your effectiveness and knowledge level required to tackle today’s construction challenges. Whether you’re involved in public or private construction, these 3 training tools help you better manage current and future developments that will affect the success of your projects in 2011 — order today!

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